the new hustle

The documentary debuts August 2017.


about the film

The New Hustle is a feature-length documentary that follows the personal journey of three of Australia's most successful startups. In a world where the vast majority of startups fail, the film explores what makes this group of founders different. 


Andre Eikmeier + Justin Dry, Vinomofo

“Vinomofo now turns over $60 million a year, employs 130 people and has $25 million in venture capital to add the US, UK and Hong Kong to its Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean operations.” – News Corp


Luke Anear, SafetyCulture

“Unlike many start-ups which struggle to raise capital, SafetyCulture has had multiple VC firms from the US fly to Australia to meet them.” – The Australian Financial Review


Mel Perkins + Cliff Obrecht, Canva

"The start-up, which is considered likely to be one of the country's next tech unicorns ($1 billion-plus tech companies), has also previously received backing from Hollywood celebrities Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson.” – The Australian Financial Review

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